Who We Are

Who We Are


Who we are, what we do and how do we do it?

We are people helping people and giving hope to hopeless children world over.

 Founded in 2014, New Hope For Abandoned Children works with communities and families of abandoned, vulnerable, abused and orphaned children all over the world by facilitate rehabilitation of children to families, foster care and kinship programs providing family support, training and resources to ensure the safety, wellbeing and good nutrition for these children.

We work with all disciplines to ensure that children grow up and are cared for in their own families, foster families, or kinship programs. We work tirelessly to trace and restore relationships of abandoned children and their parent(s), or families. We provide temporal accommodation for children while efforts of rehabilitation are being done.

Godfrey & Ethel Mutara first realised that there was a similarity between their widowed mothers who live in different rural Zimbabwe. Despite being in their late seventies, they both were taking care of children whose parents had died of AIDS, HIV infections, had gone to prison or some families had asked them to help to look after a child due to the effects of poverty on the local community. We then discovered that the little upkeep money we sent our parent every month (from our day jobs in the UK) was the money they used to share and take care of these children.

So in 2014, Godfrey and Ethel decided to translate their passion for children into action and New Hope For Abandoned Children was born. Using their personal finances, Godfrey and Ethel began to work with families of abandoned. Today many people worldwide have joined through their heartfelt donations and now many children are enjoying childhood life only because they are people around the world who care for the children.

We are proud that together with like-minded people around the world who donate even in their hard times we can make a huge difference to the lives of children.